Drive revenue and competitive advantage with a fast, easy solution for accepting orders, deliveries, and reservations directly from your website or Facebook page.

Offer online ordering on your own website and skip the high commissions charged by delivery services and aggregator apps. AVVA Eats will get you going quickly by creating your online menu, setting up payment options, and integrated our online ordering, delivery, and reservations platform with your existing or new website. Your new online ordering capabilities will drive revenue, improve profitability, and give your restaurant a competitive edge. You’ll also be collecting valuable data that you can use for targeted marketing to your customers.

Real-Time Order Confirmation

Only AVVA Eats gives your staff the opportunity to confirm each order as it is placed and provide a realistic pick-up or delivery time based on kitchen capacity. Streamline your operations and increase customer satisfaction by managing everyone’s expectations.

Fast, Easy Setup

The AVVA Eats team will upload and set up your menus, pricing, and payment options. In a matter of days, you’ll be taking pick-up orders, delivery orders, catering orders, and reservations right from your own website or Facebook page.

Marketing Toolkit for Success

AVVA Eats is committed to your success. We provide a full suite of customizable marketing tools to launch your new online ordering capabilities. And our marketing team is available to develop integrated campaigns that help you spread the word and bring in new business.