Increase the safety of your in-house dining options with a virtual menu from AVVA Eats. Customers simply use their mobile phones to scan a code, view your menu, and place their orders.

The key to driving in-house dining revenue during the Covid-19 pandemic is making customers feel safe. In addition to masks, cleaning protocols, and social distancing, a virtual menu minimizes physical contact and makes customers feel comfortable. AVVA Eats can quickly set up your virtual menu, create a QR code for easy access, and produce print materials to communicate the menu link.

Safer for Everyone

No need to sterilize your laminated menus between customers. Your customers simply point their phone cameras at the QR code on a sticker, table tent, flyer, or server tablet and pull up your full menu online. Your customers and your FOH team will feel safer, and your virtual menu can even give you an advantage over local competitors.

Safe Money & Time

No need to print disposable menus. If you’re already an AVVA Eats online ordering and website client, your virtual menu is always up-to-date and accurate! And we can get you set up quickly, with a website page dedicated to your virtual menu and affordable branded print materials for your tables. You can even use your online order menu to let customers place their orders and pay.